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Tiny plant fossils a window into Earth's landscape millions of years ago

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Scientists have discovered a way to determine the tree cover and density of trees, shrubs and bushes in locations over time based on clues in the cells of plant fossils preserved in rocks and soil. Quantifying vegetation structure throughout time could shed light on how the Earth's ecosystems cha...

Ebola raises profile of blood-based therapy

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Convalescent plasma therapy is trialled to fight Ebola, but could also be used for new and emerging pathogens.Nature 517 9 doi: 10.1038/517009a

Bacterial infections differ based on geography, healthcare spending

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Bacterial infections differ based on distance from the equator and spending on health care, researchers have discovered. In their study, 23 health centers on six continents participated in study of bloodstream infections.

How to beat malaria

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How are we winning the fight against the disease?

Overweight, obesity linked to nearly 500,000 new cancers in 2012 worldwide

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Researchers estimate that a quarter of all obesity-related cancers in 2012 were attributable to the rising average body mass index (BMI) in the population since 1982, and were therefore “realistically avoidable”.

'Hidden' emissions in traded meat calculated by researchers

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The amount of methane and nitrous oxide that countries release into the atmosphere when producing meat from livestock has been estimated, for the first time, but an international team of researchers. This study assigned the emissions to the countries where the meat is ultimately consumed.

Heavy Drinking: Women have higher risk of injury than men, study shows

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A new study of emergency department patients in 18 countries shows that the risk of injury caused by acute alcohol consumption is higher for women compared with men.

'Designer' nanodevice could improve treatment options for cancer sufferers

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Cancer diagnostics and treatment options could be drastically improved with the creation of a ‘designer’ nanodevice currently being developed by an international team of researchers. The diagnostic 'nanodecoder', which will consist of self-assembled DNA and protein nanostructures, will greatl...

Explosion first evidence of a hydrogen-deficient supernova progenitor

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A new model is the first characterization of the progenitor for a hydrogen-deficient supernova. The model predicts that a bright hot star, which is the binary companion to an exploding object, remains after the explosion.Their findings have important implications for the evolution of massive stars.

Diabetic men with low testosterone run higher risk of developing atherosclerosis

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Men who have low testosterone and Type 2 diabetes face a greater risk of developing atherosclerosis – a condition where plaque builds up in the arteries – than men who have diabetes and normal testosterone levels, according to a new study.

Drug-Resistant Lice May Be Coming To A Scalp Near You

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Superlice De Agostini/Getty Images As if lice weren’t bad enough, a growing number are now resistant to over-the-counter (OTC) treatment. Scary, yes, but not surprising since doctors have relied on a single compound to kill the bugs for decades, says John Clark, a University of M...

Science and practice of people-centerd health systems

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A unique collection of studies exploring the theme of the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research has been published. This collection of studies on 'the science and practice of people-centred health systems' presents the latest in the field of health policy and systems research, bringin...

Turning the Moon into a cosmic ray detector

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Scientists are to turn the Moon into a giant particle detector to help understand the origin of Ultra-High-Energy (UHE) cosmic rays -- the most energetic particles in the Universe. The origin of UHE cosmic rays is one of the great mysteries in astrophysics. Nobody knows where these extremely rare...

Being social: Learning from the behavior of birds

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Science has learned a great deal about complex social behavior by studying nonhuman mammals and primates, but parrots might have something to teach too. A new study -- the first to quantify the social lives of parrots using social network analysis -- provides intriguing new insights into parrot s...

Influential Tissue Engineering Researcher Dies

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Dame Julia Polak, who pioneered lung tissue engineering techniques, has passed away at age 75.
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Fracking: Gas leaks from faulty wells linked to contamination in some groundwater

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A study has pinpointed the likely source of most natural gas contamination in drinking-water wells associated with hydraulic fracturing, and it's not the source many people may have feared.
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ScienceDaily - Environmental costs, health risks, and benefits of fracking examined

Lurking bright blue star caught: The last piece of a supernova puzzle

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Astronomers have found evidence of a hot binary companion star to a yellow supergiant star, which had become a bright supernova. Its existence had been predicted by the team. This finding provides the last link in a chain of observations that have so far supported the team's theoretical picture f...
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Earth's ozone layer on track to recovery, scientists report

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Earth's protective ozone layer is well on track to recovery in the next few decades thanks to concerted international action against ozone depleting substances, according to a new assessment by 300 scientists.
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Top stories: A titanic dinosaur, dying languages, and the Ebola outbreak

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Some of our favorite stories of the week

Dreadnoughtus: Gigantic, exceptionally complete sauropod dinosaur

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The new 65-ton (59,300 kg) dinosaur species Dreadnoughtus schrani is the largest land animal for which body mass can be accurately calculated. Its skeleton is the most complete ever found of its type, with over 70 percent of the bones, excluding the head, represented. Because all previously disco...

Polypill for heart attack survivors could save lives

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Pill that combines statins, ACE inhibitors and anti-clotting drugs helps heart attack survivors stick to their medication

Where you live may be putting you at risk for foodborne illness, researcher finds

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A study on multiple countries finds that food safety education is lacking. Improving education about food-handling practices may decrease foodborne illness, thus improving food security.

New push for better handling of football head injuries

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We know little about the consequences of concussion and even heading the ball in soccer, but the sport's authorities are now taking the issue seriously

Conflicts with teachers are risk factor for school shootings

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Researchers conducted a systematic literature search of all the available studies dealing with school shootings. The aim of the analysis was to clarify which social dynamics in the social network of perpetrators can be observed in advance as playing an important role in school shootings. Up to no...

Mysterious penguin disease spreads to Antarctica

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Two chicks die after contracting feather-loss disorder

Heart Failure Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

PLOS Blogs / Thomas Callender et al. - - Reading time 16 mins - Share :
by Thomas Callender, Mark Woodward, Gregory Roth, Farshad Farzadfar, Jean-Christophe Lemarie, Stéphanie Gicquel, John Atherton, Shadi Rahimzadeh, Mehdi Ghaziani, Maaz Shaikh, Derrick Bennett, Anushka Patel, Carolyn S. P. Lam, Karen Sliwa, Antonio Barretto, Bambang Budi Siswanto, Alejandro Diaz, ...

Scientists confirm effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation in MS

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In individuals with MS, patterns of brain activity associated with learning were maintained at six months post training, scientists report in a new article following up on a long term study. For the pilot study, participants underwent evaluation of memory performance and brain activity at baselin...

VIDEO: Healthy start for newborns

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A new study shows that newborn babies can reap the health benefits of a delay in cutting their umbilical cord - whilst they're safe in their mothers' arms.

Freezing blueberries improves antioxidant availability

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Blueberries pack a powerful antioxidant punch, whether eaten fresh or from the freezer, according to a researcher. Anthocyanins, a group of antioxidant compounds, are responsible for the color in blueberries, and since most of the color is in the skin, freezing the blueberries actually improves t...

Footballers need concussion care

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Decisions on whether a footballer can return to the pitch after a head injury should be taken by an independent doctor, says an editorial in The Lancet.

Cancer death rates are twice as high where GM crops and agricultural chemicals are used / By David Gutierrez, staff writer - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
(NaturalNews) Agricultural regions that see a heavy use of chemicals and in which genetically modified (GM) crops are grown have a cancer death rate twice as high as the national average, according to a report by the Ministry of Health of Cordoba Province in Argentina."Once again...

Clinicians urged to consider spironolactone in HFPEF despite TOPCAT results

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Clinicians have been urged to consider using spironolactone in their patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction (HFPEF) after a post-hoc analysis of the TOPCAT trial showed benefit in patients from the Americas. TOPCAT randomized 3445 patients with HFPEF to receive spironolactone...

Are pesticides linked to health problems?

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Could farm chemicals be linked to health problems?

Eucalyptus is quite effective with respiratory problems and head lice - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :

Looking for $2 Trillion

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The group of 20 (G20) finance ministers meeting in Australia has just announced an ambitious initiative to boost the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) by at least $2 trillion over the next five years.   To achieve this target they propose to shape and implement new policies that increase i...

2009 pandemic flu death toll much higher than official worldwide estimates

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A research team consisting of more than 60 collaborators in 26 countries has estimated the global death toll from the 2009 outbreak of the H1N1 virus to be 10 times higher than the World Health Organization's count, which was based on laboratory-confirmed cases of this flu. The study, which appea...

Political motivations may have evolutionary links to physical strength

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Men's upper-body strength predicts their political opinions on economic redistribution, according to new research. The researchers collected data on bicep size, socioeconomic status, and support for economic redistribution from hundreds of people in the United States, Argentina, and Denmark. In l...

Is Astle case tip of the iceberg?

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Did heading the ball cause footballers' deaths?

'Love drug' increases group lying

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Members of a group are more likely to lie after they inhale the "love hormone" oxytocin, a study finds.

Brain Training Could Help At-Risk Kids Catch Up at School

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Whether computerized games designed by psychologists and neuroscientists can literally make people smarter has been hotly debated by scientists, with a small but outspoken cadre of skeptics demanding stronger proof. Now two new studies have found the kind of real-world benefits from the brain-tra...

GlaxoSmithKline hails drug pipeline after 2013's China scandal

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UK pharmaceutical company said it had 10 promising drugs and vaccines in late-stage developmentGlaxoSmithKline has heralded the most productive year ever for its scientists, as it seeks to draw a line under a massive corruption scandal in China.GSK, one of the UK's largest companies, announced it...